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Flexible licensing solutions

We offer a range of financial planner authorisations designed to meet the specific needs of your practice. 

We offer high quality dealer group services backed by 50 industry specialists. Our understanding of your needs is highly detail orientated in order to provide short and long term solutions. 

Our tiered authorisation solutions include Full authorisation, SMSF specialist authorisation, Risk specialist authorisation and Provisional authorisation.

compliance & training 

Large or small, technology is essential to any business. Our financial licensee technology enables a small business to have the resources of a large one.

Our tailored programs are designed to make your business efficient and to save you time with automated processes and built-in compliance.

We help you manage every aspect of your business, including front and back office functions.

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DEALER GROUP services 

Our business development team will manage your relationship with us. Our team have extensive financial planning and business experience. We will work with you to:

- Identify key revenue drivers

- Identify operating efficiencies to help you maximise profits

- Grow the value of your business by providing advice on practice development

- Monitor your business plan

- Assist with the development of strategic initiatives and relationships

- Facilitate professional development

- Mentoring on an ongoing basis

- Ensuring all partners are accountable for agreed outcomes.

Customised compliance

Licensee compliance is essential for best client advice. 

We embrace the highest standards of compliance and professional standards. Together we will set the highest standards in both. 

We meet and exceed these standards by integrating compliance into our software. For the more complex issues we have a dedicated Professional Standards Team that includes internal compliance consultants, external first tier law firms and industry compliance experts with ASIC and FOS experience which we retain for the benefit of the entire Dealer Group community. 

Our industry relationships are first class and nurtured with incredible attention in order to provide our clients with the upmost quality of specialist advice and support. We work with the best to bring you the best solutions to your business growth needs.